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Cauldron is a place for creatives to develop legal and financial literacy


Stale Ingredients: Kanye West, Richard Prince, and Cauldron

  One of the problems with being an art historian (or legal scholar, for that matter) is that one often finds herself using a crude man to exemplify a fine principle. If you want to explain why Cubism is world-changing, you’ve got to say nice things about Pablo...

I’m a Witch

Witch. Why use that word? Mostly, because it’s true. Also, because it’s an incredibly important word. As Madeline Miller explains in her brilliant Guardian article, From Circe to Clinton: why powerful women are cast as witches, the word witch “reflect[s] our ideas...

Bitter Brew: Why The Hoodwitch Should Hex Starbucks

Starbucks recently introduced a "Crystal Ball Frappuccino," presumably hoping for a sequel to its wildly successful Unicorn Frappuccino. Here is Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino Instagram post from March 22, 2018: Purple, green or blue—they say the Crystal Ball...

Meet the Founder

Dr. Katherine de Vos Devine expands artists’ business skills, increases their comfort with intellectual property concepts, and improves their engagements with art galleries and art collectors. Katherine is the former executive director of Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center. She previously worked at Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft LLP, where she assisted more than one hundred public charities and private foundations with the processes of organization, incorporation, and tax exemption. While pursuing her doctorate, she worked with the Nasher Museum of Art on traditional and digital curatorial projects for temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection. She has spoken widely about intellectual property, artists’ rights, art institutions, and art markets at venues including Harvard’s metaLab, the North Carolina Museum of Art, Art Basel, and Art Papers Salon. Katherine earned her Ph.D. in Art History and Visual Culture at Duke University. She received her M.A. and B.A. in Art History from Duke and J.D. from the Duke University School of Law.

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